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Our Christmas Hit List

This is not a review blog post. Instead, it’s a list of the gifts my four children loved most. Too many times moms think they are purchasing something wonderful, cool or really great for their kids but learn later that it was a waste of money. This is my attempt to save you time, money and effort in getting the perfect gift for today’s tweens and teens

Outdoor Challenge for Wii: I didn’t intentionally purchase this product for my teens. In fact, they wanted “Dance, Dance Revolution” but a friend gave us this instead. There has not been an hour since Christmas that Outdoor Challenge hasn’t been in play. I hear my teens laughing, dancing and moving in place and love it! They have invited friends over to play and the action packed games not only keep their attention but keep them moving. Yeah for teens moving!

Polly Pocket Cruise Ship: This is another item I didn’t intend to purchase but the price was right on Black Friday. My 10-year-old set it up immediately and it’s kept her attention for days. It’s very cool and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

SpiritAir Discount Air tickets to Costa Rica: Okay, I know you are thinking one of two things- who wouldn’t want to go to Costa Rica in the middle of the winter? Or isn’t that a little extravagant for a Christmas gift? But this is the point of writing about it. If you are looking for a warm weather getaway, check out Spiritair.com. They have the most amazing deals on southern destinations. A one-way ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica in February was only $75. The roundtrip is as low as $225. You can’t beat that and since riding a zip line is on my daughter’s bucket list, it was well worth it.

Monopoly: It never ceases to amaze me how this game grows with kids. They love it and the SpongeBob Edition was perfect for the teenagers in my house.

FLIP cameras: These $100 cameras are awesome and make great gifts for kids of any age. In fact, I personally gave 9 of them to friends and family this Christmas. Every single person loved them.

I hope these firsthand experiences guide you in the right direction of gift giving in 2009.


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