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My Knees Are Knocking….

I’ve always believed that if someone could find a way to bottle the butterflies you felt when you were a high school girl crazy over that first crush, they would be a millionaire. There is nothing in the world like that feeling. You giggle at silly jokes or shake at the tone of his voice. It takes you a day to come off the high you get when he first speaks to you and you have to call all your friends to recount the entire conversation. I must say, one man got close to bottling that feeling this week-Patrick Dempsey.

Unfortunately he bottled “Unscripted” by Avon but the response it provoked in me while trying it for the first time while hearing his voice sent me back in time to the halls of Bishop Kenny High School. It’s been a long time since I acted like a giddy high school girl and, fortunately for my friends and colleagues, I did it without the big hair I wore in the 80’s when I actually was a giddy high school girl. I had the opportunity to join a group of fellow bloggers (Amy from Parentsphere, Arianne from To Think Is To Create, Beth from I Should Be Folding Laundry, Janice from 5 Minutes For Mom, Katja from Skimbaco Lifestyle, Kim from Jogging In Circles, Michelle from Scribbit, Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing and Trisha from MomDot) on a conference call with Dr. McDreamy himself. The purpose was for him to introduce his new fragrance by Avon.

I am not sure what I expected, perhaps just another celebrity licensing his name to a product, but Patrick was nothing short of sincere, engaging and down to earth. He explained how he came to create the fragrance, how much he likes the smell of the lilac he included in Unscripted and sent Beth into a tail spin by asking her what her passion was.

There were many things about the call that surprised me. First, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was to ask him a question. I don’t normally get star struck but for some reason, my hands were trembling and my knees were knocking. Second, I was surprised how truly wonderful he was as a person. You could feel his commitment to his fragrance in his voice and his sincere interest in speaking to bloggers through his responses.

Finally, I am surprised how much I actually like Unscripted. My allergies have rarely allowed me to be around colognes or perfumes without later suffering from a headache or sneezing fit, but Unscripted was soft, pleasant and even something I can wear. By the way, Patrick says the sexiest place for a woman to wear perfume is on the back of her neck. That’s exactly where he’ll find Unscripted if he ever leaves his wife Jillian and finds his way to my door! So in celebration of my return to my high school years, I’m sharing a special discount code from Avon. By entering the code JINGLE30 you will be entitled to free standard shipping with a $30 order when you shop with an eRepresentative. This offer expires on January 1, 2009 so be sure to share to take advantage of it for your holiday shopping!

Whether its butterflies in the stomach or knocking knees you seek, I’m sure you’ll find an enjoyable scent in Unscripted.


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