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Early Holiday Shopping

With the economy as it is, I’ve decided to start my holiday shopping extra early this year. Unlike in past years, I am not going to be shopping in December paying top dollar to cross names off my list. I have already found a few things that work for my kids and I’m excited that they have not cost much. My thought is that if I buy value and buy quality, then quantity won’t matter, not that it should but my children will appreciate thier gifts. For other family members I anticipate making a lot of my gifts. Here are a few of my pre-holiday shopping secrets:

  • Build A Bear Workshop has a line of bears, dogs and reindeers that only cost $10 and come with a condo. I am planning on stocking up on these quality gifts. There is no way that anyone would believe I only paid $10 particularly when they are in that fun colorable condo. In fact, I’m buying these for all the gift exchanges that my children have at school. A sizable gift for not much money.
  • The Naked Brothers Band (Season 2) is out and has 5 hours of videos. Under $20 bucks and my daughter will love it.
  • I love to send Selma Cookies, www.selmacookies.com a dozen of these over-stuffed cookies are less than $25 and the packaging looks great.
  • Photobooks! Snapfish www.snapfish.com has a 30% off coupon floating around for orders before Oct. 31st. In fact, I am ordering my holiday cards this week for less than $1 each. They also have awesome posters for teenagers!
  • Believe it or not, plane tickets in some areas are dirt cheap if you buy them now. I found a ticket on Spiritair to Costa Rica for less than $200. I intend to look into a weekend getaway for two of my children for the Spring.
  • I’ll let you know how it goes as I continue to search out the deals of the season.


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