Exciting Night on Newbaby.com

It’s an exciting night on Newbaby.com, www.newbaby.com. Tiffany, one of Newbaby’s Vloggers and blogger at http://serensmomma.blogspot.com has announced via video that her water has broken. Isn’t it amazing how technology has changed the way we share with each other? In the past, our spouse or partner would have started a phone tree but today, Tiffany can not only announce her news via webcam but also show us the strips that confirmed her good news. I feel so privileged to be a part of her home delivery sharing in updates and video logs. It seems like yesterday that Stephanie of www.adventuresinbabywearing.com was sending tweets during her labor. Now we can watch as her beautiful daughter grows. Just look, Ivy is already one month old: http://www.newbaby.com/MostViewed_Videos

I recall the night I was in labor. I was suppose to have a C-Section but went into labor about 12 hours before I was scheduled to be at the hospital. I was so excited to experience labor pains that I didn’t tell anyone that I had lost my plug and was breathing hard in the bathroom. Boy was my doctor mad at me when I arrived at the hospital fully dilated with contractions one minute apart. Still had the C-Section but I was delighted to have gone through the pain. My grandmother used to tell me, “It’s the hardest pain to tolerate but the easiest to forget.” Way to go Grandma Betsy- you were so right. As I relive my memories through Tiffany tonight, I only recall the wonderful moments of childbirth.

4 Responses

  1. Wow! I have a “child” in college and one junior in High School, but the =
    way you’ve shared the wonderful experience of birth with us here in this =
    post is bringing all those warm birthing memories back. Your grandmother =
    was right Maria – I only remember that euphoric joy of holding my new =
    baby (not the 18 hours of labor)!=20

  2. It is amazing how technology has changed the way we interact. I was =
    sending text messages to friends while at the hospital an hour before my =
    baby was delvered.=20
    Two days after giving birth I was emailing clients from the hospital bed =
    — and most of them didn’t realize I had just had a baby.=20
    And just a few days after that I was on a conference call about =
    http://www.PreciousMoms.com and at the end someone asked me when my due date =
    was … I said it was this upcoming Saturday … but I had her this past =
    Saturday. There was silence on the line …=20

  3. That is so true- already I’ve forgotten, but I’m enjoying every minute =
    of Ivy right now. She’s good at erasing any bad pain memories! : )
    PS I love Newbaby.com!

  4. I just know once moms see how fun it is to watch videos and upload =
    videos in real time, it’s going to be the next big thing for moms. It’s =
    so much fun to actually see a mom’s face when she’s making comments or =
    sharing a story

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