Holiday Shopping Ideas in a Tough Economy

It’s holiday shopping time again and like many of you, I’ve made the promise to spend less and give more. Yes, in these hard times, I still want to give although I don’t have the money to reach my goal. This is why I’ve been on the lookout for great gifts at great prices. Here are a few ideas for you:

Spongebob Squarepants: WhoBob What Pants? DVD- My daughter reviewed this DVD for me and said it made her laugh. I love the idea of DVDs and books as gifts because kids can enjoy them over and over again, often for less than $20.

Build-A-Bear Workshop $10 Animals: I know what you are saying, “you can’t save money with Build-A-Bear Workshop”. I say “WRONG!” Build-A-Bear Workshop now has several furry friends that are only $10! YES!!!! $10. There’s a dog, different varieties of bears and even a koala! They even come with the adorable BABW condo and birth certificate.

Precious Girls Club Charm Bracelets: I love when the gift has a lesson and a long life. The Precious Girls Club charm bracelet not only allows girls to show off their gifts but they give the child a code for free online playing.

Fresh Cookies: It’s an old idea but one that never goes out of style. You kids can help you so everyone wins.

Have a great shopping season!

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