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Why We May Never Have A Female President

The title of my blog may lead you to believe that I’m about to post about the flaws of Sarah Palin. Sorry to disappoint my more liberal moms but my focus goes beyond the ambition of one woman. My focus is the broader topic of relationships women maintain with each other. At the core of these behaviors lie the answer to why we may never have a female President- women don’t do a good job supporting each other. We all see it every day. We read about it magazines, watch it on TV and post about it in blogs. It’s defined in phrases like “working moms”, “stay at home moms”, “granola moms”, “La Lecher moms” and “bottle feeders.” We polarize ourselves as a group by embracing issues so tightly that we squeeze out any appreciation for good honest open debate. We take sides in school parking lots, lecture our children on being nice only to spread gossip about a fellow mother and attempt to out decorate, outspend and out-create birthday parties so that we can feel accomplishments within our peer group. Women with and without children need to unite. We need to support each other regardless of the parenting style we use to raise our children, whether we work in the home, out of the home or out of the car, whether we breastfeed or bottle feed and regardless of party affiliation. There are so many challenges moms face from outside forces today- the economy, crime, inflation, school schedules, homework, grocery lines and cell phone bills, that moms should be able to rely on other moms to support them.

We will never have a female President- Democrat or Republican- until women, particularly moms, learn to promote, empower, engage and celebrate with each other.

It unfortunate that women see each as competition in the school yard, business world, car pool lane, Wal-Mart aisles and on the treadmill. There is so much to gain by relishing in the talents of women, celebrating the skills of multi-tasking gurus and sharing our knowledge with each other. These are lessons that I ironically learned from men but have committed to sharing with women.


4 Responses

  1. While I agree that we don’t support each other, I believe that this is a =
    result of living in a male-dominated world. We are taught from birth to =
    compete with each other. While men are taught the same thing, there is a =
    major difference- men compete ONLY with each other. Women on the other =
    hand, have to compete with other women AND men. Even more so we have to =
    compete with other women FOR men. This kind of negativity and hostility =
    manifests itself in a need for self-validation: what I choose to do and =
    how I choose to live is better than your choices because I am (1) =
    fitting into the nicely constructed box of womanhood OR (2) rebelling =
    against the male-dominated world.
    At any rate, it is easier to keep women from becoming a powerful =
    political movement if we are fighting all the time. It is why I feel =
    that my community- the Black community- is not strong anymore or why the =
    middle class has died- we fight amongst ourselves.
    I only hope that we all wake up.

  2. I agree with you! Great post!!:)

  3. I’ve been waiting for so long for someone to put in words what I’ve felt =
    for so long. It continues to confuse me why our own gender is so =
    unsupportive of each other. Is it that we juggle so much and can’t find =
    the support we need? Do we believe that simply because we are the same =
    gender we know each other and are hard on others because we’re hard on =
    ourselves? I hate that we are so often so negative with each other. We =
    just all need to step back and practice a little kindness and =
    understanding. I hope to see a woman president in my lifetime. I have =

  4. Very well said! I agree that when we start supporting each other, women =
    will be able to accomplish even greater things. You may disagree with =
    her politics and not want her to run as VP for a lot of other reasons, =
    but to attack Sarah Palin’s choice to pursue a demanding career and have =
    five children ultimately hurts all women, and especially hurts all =
    working mothers. If you don’t want her to be the VP, criticize her =
    policies and experience, not her family and her lifestyle choices.=20

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