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What I’m Guilty Of….

There’s a danger putting yourself out there. Where? Anywhere! The blogosphere, television, radio, podcasts, social networks, Twitter, MySpace or magazine pages, etc. In a day of consumer generated media and self-made experts, in a time when Tila Tequila can become a brand, it’s easier than ever to put yourself out there. Over a decade ago, before most of these media outlets were available, I put myself out there. Initially I intended to create a website aimed at working mothers and BlueSuitMom.com was born. Much to my surprise, not only did BlueSuitMom.com become a brand, so did Maria Bailey. It has been a truly humbling experience, but it has also been a mixed blessing. At times it’s great to have people recognize your name, but on the flip side it puts a huge bulls-eye on your forehead for others to take aim. You may have guessed the target was hit recently or I wouldn’t be blogging on this subject. Most of the time it’s okay that people take shots- it’s part of the game. However, when the shots are untrue; well it’s just hurtful. Unfortunately, with the ease of social media, there are no guidelines that require the writer to fact check or get the other side of the story. A writer can assume and write- leaving their subjects battered in the process. However, I’m not going to use this forum to defend myself against untrue accusations or unfair name calling; I’m going go instead expose myself even further. I am guilty of a lot of things but not of anything I’ve been accused of this week. So here is a list of things I am guilty of:

– I once peed on a public toilet seat by accident (but I wiped it off later).

– I packed my children’s school lunches with two sugary snacks last week because I was out of creative ideas for healthy foods.

– I told my husband I was only redoing the kitchen but I ordered bathroom tile as well.

– I helped my daughter write her geography report when parents were not supposed to help.

– I purposely mailed Flat Stanley to Germany because I wanted my other daughter’s Flat Stanley project to shine above the rest.

– I told my editor that I was two chapters ahead of where I really was in my writing.

– I promised to blog every week and failed to do so.

– I lied to my mom in the 10th grade about kissing a boy.

– I went to the grocery store last week without a bra on.

– I wore my pajama pants to Walgreen’s once because I was too lazy to change.

– I order room service when I’m on a business trip.

– I am late sometimes because I run an extra mile on the treadmill and then I make up another excuse.

– I blame my husband for things I do.

– I regifted a wedding gift once- well, maybe twice,

– I told my son that we were out of Oreos, but the fact was, I ate them.

– I clean my ears every day even though I know it is unsafe.

– I tried to please too many people and ended up pleasing no one- including myself.

– I floss my teeth on airplanes.

– I took the last jar of ranch dressing at the store last week.

– I left drops of jelly in the peanut butter jar a few times.

– I drove my husband’s car because mine was on empty..

– I’ve sent the wrong email to the wrong person and blamed my kids

– I forgot to put money under my daughter’s pillow and told her the tooth fairy did it.

And finally I’m guilty of living my life to the best of my ability, with respect for others, the intention to learn from life lessons, giving back to people I meet and expressing thanks on a daily basis for the gifts I’ve been given. Thankfully it’s the judgment of a higher being that counts and not those who take aim on blogs, or in emails or tweets. Hopefully I have many more years to earn His approval but in the meantime, I’ll keep putting myself out there because that’s where I believe He wants me to be.


3 Responses

  1. Ms. Bailey was forthcoming about the small lies she told to get her =
    company going and concluded that a certain amount of such behavior ”is =
    acceptable in business.”
    Straight out of the new york times article. Is that not the truth =

  2. Oh gosh- I think we can all relate! You are a human just like the rest =
    of us! We all are… and we must start taking it easier on others- =
    starting with ourselves!

  3. Wait – you mean it’s WRONG to wear your pajama pants to the store?! =20

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