A BlueSuitMom in a the White House- Working Mothers Unite

I was on a plane this week when John McCain announced his running mate. When my flight touched down, my husband had left a message on my cell phone. ” Honey, John McCain picked you to be his running mate.” I of course didn’t understand the message because prior to getting ont he plane I had heard only names of men. A short phone call later I understood exactly what he meant. John McCain had selected a bluesuitmom to be his running mate. To be upfront with you, I love the selection. I am not saying that I am going to campaign for McCain but I love fact that an attractive, hard working, mother is in the political spotlight. I know that Hillary is a mom but she isn’t a woman I can relate to as a mother. Perhaps it’s the fact that Palin runs marathons like me. Perhaps it’s because she knows what it’s like to leave her children behind to go to work everyday. Perhaps it’s because she likes to fish. Whatever it is I am excited that attention will be given to women who on a daily basis juggle the tasks of self, family and career. I know that Palin stands for other issues now that she is in a national arena. Some mom blogs are calling out her NRA membership, support of oil drilling and stand against abortion. I don’t agree with her on all of these fronts. In fact, there are few people with whom I share 100% of mutual viewpoints. I have no intention of carrying a gun but I do thank God each time I hold my daughter that her birthmother changed her mind about the abortion she had scheduled ten years ago. I don’t mind not seeing eye to eye on every issue. That’s fine, it’s all part of politics but however you peel back her views and beliefs, she’s a bluesuitmom. It’s a fact I like very much!


One Response

  1. It would be impossible for us to ever find a candidate that we see eye =
    to eye on 100% – so true. I think this is very exciting, and like you, I =
    am not saying I am campaigning for McCain either. I think it’s great to =
    be able to appreciate all sides. (She’s also a babywearer, by the way!) =
    : )

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