Working Moms

Every mom wants more balance and balancing motherhood and a job can be challenging. There is a bright spot; however, shown by these survey results that wishful thinking is still out there! In fact, 37% of women entrepreneurs would clone themselves according to a recent survey commissioned by Intuit.

That’s why for many, the new definition of “the mommy track” includes less late nights and early mornings at the office and more time with the family.
Pew Research Center reported that 60% of working moms prefer a part-time job. For others, starting their own business is a way to achieve stimulation while also having flexibility and balance.

In honor of Mother’s Day we celebrate a few fun reasons why mompreneurs are so inspiring…

– 70% of women started their own business not solely to pay the bills but because of their personal passion

– 95% of women have no regrets and would do it all over again

– Women are survivors. 64% of women-owned small businesses have weathered a recession and 93% expect to grow despite the slowing economy

– If they weren’t running their business, 55% want the alter-ego of a famous humanitarian (only 5% want to be rock stars – maybe that’s because they already are in their own right!)


3 Responses

  1. I have decided that balance is not a daily requirement. A daily plus, =
    yes, but too much pressure to require EVERY day. Reflecting on my own =
    previous week, there were days I was patting my-great-mommy-self on the =
    back all day long b/c of the way I dodged pre-teen bullets and homework =
    complaints. The very next day, I grew fangs and my head spun around, =
    completely blowing my June Cleaver image to bits! But overall, the week =
    balanced out. CAn you relate?

  2. I am LOL at the many entendres created by that title! =20
    Balance is relative when the relatives are around. Right? Grandma or =
    Aunt Martha comes to town and boy, does she know better. All you want =
    is a break so you let her have her way. You bite your tongue to =
    maintain balance, take deep breaths and silently scream for Balance. =20
    Balance is relative to the time period under discussion. The pursuit or =
    claim of perfect balance is too much pressure. However, instead of =
    viewing balance as a daily achievement, look at the whole week. Chances =
    are you will find a a mix of harmonic days and days from hell. But =
    added up and averaged out, you will likely find a balanced week. I have =
    experienced whole days (or 2) where I was clearly out of my mind, =
    off-balance and then back to “normal” the next day. But when I review =
    the week overall, it was not a complete loss.
    Balance is relative to the person looking for it. The meaning of =
    balance to you may not have the same meaning to me. My idea of balance =
    includes clarity, making good choices and doing good work. What is your =
    idea of balance? Whatever it is, it is right.

  3. Great article. Looking forward to seeing you write more articles about this subject.

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