New Discoveries

I love days when you discover things. Sometimes you discover them on your own. Sometimes your children help you discover them. Regardless how the act of discovery takes place, it’s the feeling of excitement over a simple realization that an experience exists. I believe there are opportunities for discovery almost every day of our life however, we are challenged to slow down enough to grasp the chance to rediscover something old, relish in something new or share it with another. When moms discover things, we tend to tell other moms. This is why word of mouth marketing is powerful among our crowd. So in respect for common mom behavior, I want to share with you the discoveries I’ve made this week.

1. The Disney Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida

Full disclosure, I do work for Disney, however I have never visited this hotel nor was I visiting for business. I happened to be working on a weekend with my daughters in tow and thought it would be a good reward for their tolerance in tagging along to a client event. Little did I know that it would be as much of a treat for me as it was for my girls. My discovery was not only that this is a great beach getaway; I discovered that it is possible for me to relax. Now this in itself would convince people who know me to book a room right away. I can hear my girlfriends through the computer screen, “If Maria could relax then it must be great.” I am not sure what it was; perhaps the beach within a stones throw from my room or the selection of 250 chaise lounges beside the pool or even the 9 holes of mini golf, but I didn’t want to leave and neither did my daughters. By the way, my daughter discovered that mom isn’t such a bad golfer as I made two holes in ones in a row! I highly recommend looking into this or other Disney Vacation Club hotels. (And this message was not paid for by Disney!)

2. Big fat pencils

Remember the ones you used in the 1st grade? I was at a Primrose Pre-school filming a segment for an upcoming meeting and while they were setting the camera, I found them. Big yellow fat pencils just like I remember in Mrs. Block’s classroom the year I learned to read. It was amazing how many memories came flooding back. Monty Levy and his fetish with lizards and the tiny milk cartons we opened incorrectly. The flashcards with vowels on them and smell of a fresh box of Crayola crayons. You don’t get that from Rose Art! I loved writing with those big pencils and for just an instant, I was 6 years old again….until I went to the bathroom which leads me to my third discovery.

3. Tiny toilets

The ones that are only 8 inches off the ground. The ones that only fit tiny tushes. The ones I couldn’t help but to use as a challenge to my every expanding bottom and diminishing flexibility. I thought about going to the adult potty but I couldn’t resist seeing if I could still fit onto the tiny toilet and more important, squat low enough to go down and get up in one motion. Of course if my children were playing bathroom Olympics like I was doing, I would discipline them but we know the rules change when we are alone in a bathroom. I don’t need to go into details at this point but just for the record, I discovered that I can indeed fit on tiny toilet and still manage to get down to use it. Getting up was a different story.

Find time to discover something today and share it with a friend.

One Response

  1. Hi Maria,
    I have been a long time visitor to your blog… I love it. I think you =
    are a fabulous writer and a fantastic business woman/mom. Something I =
    try to be everyday! 🙂
    Your post today struck me. I happened to be dropping my son off at =
    school today when the “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom” NOW statement =
    set in… we rushed off to the bathrooms before I signed him into his =
    preschool class for the morning!
    There they were. The tiny toilets. They were the cutest things! So =
    little, but oh-so-easy for my 3 year-old son to tackle and feel like a =
    “big boy”… but then I saw it -=20
    THE SCHOOL SINK. You know.. the ones that water comes out like a =
    fountain when you press the bottom pump. It brought me back to my days =
    at Nayatt School in Barrington, RI… and I would just get the biggest =
    kick out of our “cool” sink.
    Thanks for the post today.=20
    Pinks & Blues

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