Friends Are Worth Their Weight In Gold and Silver

<p>Sometimes as moms we are moving so quickly that we often take =
for granted the special things in life. You know the ones- the moment =
your 13 year takes your hand unexpectedly or your child makes their bed =
without being asked or a mom you pass in the hallway at school each day =
calls to volunteer to help you drive to an out of the way =
game.&nbsp; They are all special moments that if we took time to =
savor would rank up there with life’s greatest gifts.&nbsp; It may =
sound funny and fault me for seeing the cup half full, but I welcome =
trying times because I know that at the end of the crisis I will =
discover something positive. I also welcome personal challenges but they =
force us to stop long enough to rediscover the things around us that are =
truly important. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this- I recently =
had one of these moments of discovery. I was faced with a challenge and =
in the midst of my trial, my inbox was filled with supportive emails =
from moms who up to now I thought were just acquaintances.&nbsp; My =
lesson was that acquaintances turn into friendships when times are tough =
and you need a cybersmile.&nbsp; I never knew how many friends I had =
out there in cyberspace until my email was flooded with their support =
this week.&nbsp; Truthfully, I feel like the luckiest girl in the =
world that the Internet allows me to have friends in every corner of the =
globe. The Internet is a strange space- it brings people far away from =
each other together- yet it doesn’t always provide the emotional =
connection you get sitting in basketball bleachers or mingling in the =
school parking lot. So you got through life with a long lists of =
buddies, a close circle of Yahoo! friends and a concentration of contact =
lists without the benefit of a physical relationship.&nbsp; However =
today I stopped long enough to realize just how much I value each mom =
I’ve met along my journey as the host of Mom Talk Radio, founder of = and, <a =
href=3D””></a&gt;. So why =
I’m in a stationary position and no one is asking me for more milk or a =
second helping of Mac n’ Cheese, I want to thank all my friends for the =
privilege of their friendship. </p>

One Response

  1. That’s very nice! I call my Internet friends the “ones inside the =
    computer” and then I have “friends I can see and touch”.
    Both are very valuable.=20
    Now can I have more mac and cheese?

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