Almost to the Finish Line

It’s 10pm. Less than 12 hours until I’m at the finish line! But who is counting- well I am- in fact I’ve been counting since this 48 hour adventure started. You see I am on the 2nd Annual 14-Year Old Tom Sawyer Outing. It really isn’t a Tom Sawyer Outing but rather my son’s annual birthday event at our river house in the small town of Welaka, FL. It’s not even a city, it’s a town-415 residents and 421 on weekends when my family comes for a quick getaway. Today it has an additional 8 residents all 14 years old and all living in my small 3 bedroom fishing camp. Yes, me and 14 year boys! Now you understand why I’ve been counting since we left home- 21 pounds of lunch meat, 5 hours in the car, 4am on the clock when I asked if they intended to sleep last night and 16 hamburgers eaten over the last two days. It hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s been a very good learning experience. Do you know what 14 year boys talk about in the backseat of a car? Well, I assure you that after an hour of driving, they forget you are an adult in the front seat. I heard it all- french kissing, girls who are cute, girls who are funny, girls who are smart and did I mention french kissing. Their parents lectured me to call them no matter what time if their son misbehaved but I knew I had a bigger card to play if they got out of hand. The most meaningful and powerful tool I could have- their manhood! I’ve seen each and every one of them in the nude. Granted it was when they were 6 weeks old, but it doesn’t matter. I simply told them that if they didn’t behave I would blog about them in their diapers on my Myspace. Oh, if you could have seen their faces! It was priceless and I felt so powerful. Don’t mess with a techno-savvy mom!

So what are my little men doing now? Having water balloon fights in the dark yard outside of course, but using Zip-loc bags instead of balloons. Men one minute but children at heart always.

One Response

  1. Oh my gosh- this is hilarious. I did get a chill thinking about my boys =
    as teenagers, though. And I only wonder how blogging is going to come in =
    play quite nicely someday! 😉

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