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Holiday Shopping Miseries Disappear with a Click

I finished my Holiday shopping! Well, not entirely but thanks to Wal-Mart’s Photo Center I know EXACTLY what I’m getting every difficult person on my holiday list! This thought alone makes me jump up and down. It means the hardest part of gift buying is over! Yeah! So what am I buying you ask? Well yesterday I ran into an old friend who happens to work with Wal-Mart Photo Centers and he introduced me to a whole array of really, really cool gifts I can make with my digital photos. You know the ones, the pictures that have been sitting on my memory card since vacation in July? I just bubble over with exciting knowing that I’m multitasking while I cross all the hard to get people off my list. Now not only am I going to get those photos out of my camera but I’m going to be the Queen of Creativity around the Christmas Tree. Yep, on Christmas morning I will be basking in the fame of “Clever Gift Giver” while my sister in law looks on in amazement at my more – than – Martha Stewart gifts. I will definitely be a hero and will make people wonder if I’ve quit my job to turn photos into beautiful gifts. Yes, my dad will be so happy he isn’t getting another tie and my stepmother will marvel that she is without a gift card in her box. So what will I be creating tonight i on walmart.com in my pajamas in the comfort of my home and a cosmo in my hand? For grandpa, a beautiful couch blanket with a picture of my children woven into the design. Everytime he falls asleep after a long round of golf, he’ll think of my thoughtfulness and customized artwork. For my brother and his family, I am uploading a shot of his family on to a canvas which looks like an oil painting when hung on a wall. It’s beautiful! In fact, my friend Joe actually used my picture to create a sample of both of these for me. My kids went wild over the lifesize image of their mother draped over the couch. Too bad, they don’t show the same excitement when their mother is actually on the couch- nope they seem to revolt when that happens. For now the blanket will grace the couch until I can hide myself under it next week during Grey’s Anatomy. The canvas, although strange to boast about a picture of yourself was equally beautiful. Infact I had it tagged for Christmas for my husband until my business partner decided it looked so beautiful it should grace the walls of the company’s reception area. I will definitely be creating another for my husband and in fact intend to create one with the kids as well for his office. However the best part of what Wal-Mart offers is a wide range of products from customizable plates, Hannah Montana pillowcases, Nascar items, books, cards and even pillows. All customizable with your photos and created in the store or from home. Then if you are like me and have no time to visit the store, they will deliver it right to your door although there is free shipping if you have it delivered to the store. Just think, you can pick up paper towels and finish your holiday shopping all in one stop. Thanks Joe for making me a hero this holiday season and just wait til 2008 when I create the most customized party favors my kids have ever seen!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Maria,
    I’m still looking for my gifts for those hard to shop for family =
    members. We did the photo thing last year, so we’re going to have to =
    get creative again this year:P
    I’m a moderator for Work it, Mom! (www.workitmom.com) I wanted to invite =
    you to come and join our community. We’re an online networking =
    community for all kinds of working mothers. One great thing about the =
    website is that you can author articles. Work it, Mom doesn’t ask for =
    exclusivity, so you can even recycle something that you have already =
    used on your blog. There are also no linking restrictions, so it’s a =
    great way to send traffic to you blog/website. Hope to see you there!

  2. Speaking of customized artwork, I’m going to get my daughter a =
    customized letter from a pirate and/or Santa Claus this Christmas. I =
    found this really cool site where they customize characters, letters and =
    games around your child’s interests. This is really helpful for me – I =
    just don’t have the time to stand in those long shopping lines to buy =
    something while being a full-time working mom. Plus, I think this is =
    really educational – my daughter would love getting mail (she always =
    tells me she never gets any mail – even though Grandma sends her cards =
    once and a while). It’s called a Giftventure, and their website is =
    http://www.giftventure.com. I’m going to have my daughter Samantha =
    receive a puzzle and a treasure map from Santa. It seems like a really =
    fun & nice alternative gift idea to the traditional presents under =
    the tree – kindof brings me back to my childhood when my grandparents =
    would make giftgiving fun!

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