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One Mom’s Miley Cyrus Concert Experience

I wonder sometimes if blogs aren’t just a public form of the Catholic confessionals of my yeaster year growing up in Parochial schools. It seems that all too often I use my blog to confess some strange behavior that can only be explained by one word: motherhood. Today is such a day. I am here to confess that I am one of those over the top, psycho moms who would do, on occasion, this occasion, almost anything to bring joy to my children’s life. This time however it can be defined in two words: Miley Cyrus. But as I tell my children, we can’t blame our behaviors and actions on others. It’s how we choose to respond that drives our actions. With that in mind, let me confess my response to the opportunity to actually meet, in person, Miley Cyrus. Here goes. I confess that I flew 3213 air miles from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Portland, OR, yesterday with my two daughters to meet Miley Cyrus. Yes, while I gasp at other moms paying upwards of $3000 per ticket to see her concert at the stadium just 12 miles from our house, I paid almost half that and two days of work and school to fly across the US in order to allow my girls to actually speak to her, get her autograph and pose next to her for a picture. And would I do it again? Absolutely! It was one of the most exciting 36 hours I’ve spent in a very long time. To see the smiles on their faces and the anticipation in their eyes, was more satisfying than eating 8 Oreos with whole milk! Best of all, I’m sure it will only get better with time. Just think, one day we’ll sit around the Thanksgiving table reminiscing about how we trekked across the United States and even drove into Washington state just to say we did it, to see what’s her name, and spend half an hour trying to recall Miley Cyrus. Yes, it will only get better- better when I catch up on the sleep I lost transverse time zones, better when I catch up on all the homework the girls have from their 2 day of missed school, better when I forget about the $35 concert t-shirts that will eventually be lost at a friend’s house and better when I get the autographed framed on their walls so that they can remember all the fun we had in Portland. Now as I sit on the plane making the 6 hours flight home with two exhausted children, I wonder what really drives moms to do the things we do for our children. Is it because we can? Is it the desire to give our children more than we believe we had as children? Is it to earn the title, “Hero Mom” in the eyes of our kids? Or is it that we want to create special memories for our children at any cost? Whatever the reason, I confess, I’m guilty.


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