How Much a Mom will Do For Her Child

Just how far a mom will go for her Children…I found out today

I think it’s a widely known fact that most moms would do anything for their children. There are countless stories of heroic moms putting the needs of their children before their own in the news every day. However these are not the acts of unselfishness I am referring to today. My focus is on the crazy things we do for our children. The unexplainable, somewhat silly things we do that make us a hero in the eyes of our children or the envy of other moms. The random acts of ridiculous that use up our energy, drive us crazy and get us lined up outside a store on Black Friday for a doll that we know will loose our child’s interest by New Year’s Day. I have to confess that I too have stood outside a Toy R Us at 4 am waiting to get the “only 10 in stock, limited edition door buster toy of the year.” So today’s discovery came as no surprise to me. Let me set the stage with two words that will send any mother of a girl 6-16 into orbit: Miley Cyrus!

Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Hannah Montana? The star of every half hour on the Disney Channel between 6pm and 9pm? In the event that you have been living on Jupiter, let me be the first to tell you that Miley Cyrus is on tour. She’s leaving your living room and coming to a stadium near you. And in
S. Florida pre sale tickets go on sale tomorrow. This is where our story begins.

Talk of Miley Cyrus’ upcoming concert in November has been the subject of discussion with young girls and their moms since it was announced in August. Girls are planning birthday parties around the concert, pre-concert dinners, post concert art projects and concert month shopping trips. I haven’t seen or heard this much about a concert since I watched with ignorance the chaos in the lives of my mom friends when the Spice Girls were on tour. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t understand my own behavior now. Disney has done an incredible job at marketing to moms through their daughters. There’s not a mom out there or at least in S. FL who hasn’t marked September 15th on her calendar. That’s the day that tickets go on sale for the concert. But of course waiting to fight the herd for tickets isn’t worth the risk for the moms I know. It would be a punishment worse than death if any of us had to tell our daughters that we failed to get one of the 10,000 tickets to see Miley. So in preparation, emails have been flying for days about the PRE-SALE ticket date. One mom even read every word of the disclaimer to me out loud to make sure we both understood all the regulations around purchasing our LIMTED 4 Pre-sale tickets. No one wants to be the mom responsible for getting it wrong tomorrow morning at 10 am when we are eligible to purchase tickets. An outsider would just chalk our knowledge up to being well organized- on top of things-however to fully appreciate this story you have to know what these moms did to gain access to gain the privilege of purchasing PRE-sale tickets.

You see the only way to get Pre-sale tickets is to become a member of the Miley Cyrus Fan Club. This means going to , waiting for all the music and flashing graphics to load and then paying $30 to become a year long member. Once you become a member, you get a code which allows you to purchase pre-sale tickets when they go on sale. Imagine this, six 40 plus year old women spending half the day trying to become members on a site designed for 13 years old and failing at the registration for hours. After twelve attempts myself, I had to have one of my girl friends sign me up. There she is in between marketing meetings at a Fortune 100 company trying to sign up her technology ignorant friend, ME, to become a member of the Miley Cyrus fan club. I didn’t work this hard for tickets to Simon and Gartfunkle’s Reunion Tour or the Rolling Stones in

And all the while as I tried pleading with Miley Customer Service to give me a membership, two of my other mom friends were on EBAY discovering that people were actually selling the same memberships. I’m sure tomorrow the same EBAY seller will be selling Miley Cyrus tickets as well. Four hours later and we all now official members of the Miley Cyrus fan club. I plan on putting my membership certificate on the wall right next to my FSU diploma and the award I received from the American Cancer Society, the year they named me Mother of the Year. Little did I know that it would take Miley Cyrus tickets to really earn that honor.


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  1. VERY funny! My own tween is also a huge fan! Did you ever get the =

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