Another First Day of School

Today I successfully sent my four children off to another First Day of School. I use the term “successfully” in a very loose fashion. I was successful if it meant that each child had their requested number of paper towels, purchased wide rule notebook paper instead of college ruled and stocked the pencil pouch with enough #2 pencils to last until Halloween. I got the list and checked it twice. Naughty or nice, it was all there in the backpack. Where I went wrong apparently was asking my teenagers and preteens if they had uniforms, socks and shoes that still fit properly. I guess my mistake was failing to fully define for them what my request meant. In my mind, you determine if something fits by trying it on your body. Apparently in the eyes of a thirteen year old boy it means glancing in your overflowing drawer and telling your mom, “yes” even though you never even eyed the uniform in the drawer. As a mother who has lived through 9 First Days of School, I should have expected for someone to come downstairs this morning complaining that their shoes were too tight or their blouse was missing a button. It’s the way you find out that the uniform shorts no longer fit. “Mom, next time you order new uniforms could you buy me a larger size because I think in two weeks, I’ll have outgrown these.” This is my point, I intended to order uniforms two weeks ago when I asked if they fit! Now, I’ve been deprieved of fully celebrating the victory of succcessfully sending my kids back to school. I’m sure it will be Christmas before I finally get the right size uniform shorts. Just in time to replenish the #2 pencils. Happy First Day of School!

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