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Have you ever noticed that it takes as much effort to end the school year as it does to begin it?

Have you ever noticed that it takes as much effort to end the school year as it does to begin it? Sure there are lots of supplies that need to be purchased before the first school bell but the last day of school some how requires as much thought, preparation and parental management. Take the ever challenging teacher’s gift. Do you express your appreciate with an individual gift or do you contribute to the class collection? I can never figure out which option is the most appreciated by the teacher, forget about what’s easiest for me. I like most of my children’s teachers and I appreciate that they are grossly underpaid for the amount of time they put into molding my child. It’s for this reason that I want to make sure my gift is adequate. So in my turmoil of confusion, I normally do what every time-starved does, I do both. I diligently dig through my purse, office drawers and change holders to find the requested amount for the class collection, fill out envelopes and secure the donation in the backpacks of each of my four children. Then I go to the store to purchase the “real” gift. Thank goodness for gift cards because now I can give our teachers something more than a candle, frame or journal that probably ends up in her gift closest. Now, I can give her gift cards that allow her to purchase books, a nice dinner or even go to the movies in her spare time. This year, I tried to take multitasking to a new level and went to purchase my teacher gift cards at 5:30am right after working out at the gym. Imagine the sense of accomplishment a mom could feel by completing her work out and teacher gift shopping all by 6:30am. All was going well until the young man at CVS tried to argue that gift cards could not be purchased before 8am. Apparently he didn’t know that you should never get between a mom and her sense of accomplishment because he continued to deny my purchase until I told him I was taking my purchase to another 24/7 retailer. Suddenly my $350 purchase of gift cards was a little more valuable to him. So this year again, our teachers gained from my lack of knowledge of the Emily Post policies of teacher gift giving. But in the end, I can’t think of a more worthy group of women to reap the benefits of my labors. After all, it’s their labors that benefit me every day.


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  1. How about some articles on why women shouldn’t enter the workforce?

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