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Mom, What’s an Orgasm?

I’m sure most of us have always dreamed of it- or at least the mother of a teenage daughter has once or twice. As our daughters begin to look more and more like ourselves rather than a little girl, we search for those opportunities to connect with her one last time in a way that is special, intimate and void of rising hormone levels. I got such a chance this week with my 13 year old daughter. We boarded a plane together for a business trip to
France and Spain. I fantasized for weeks about our girl’s time alone, the long talks we’d have and the uninterrupted dinners we’d share in the City of Lights. You certainly couldn’t ask for a better backdrop than the Eiffel Towerand the Gothic Barrios of Barcelona. And in fact, as I type this blog I am in the sixth hour of our nine hour voyage home reflecting on the experience of being alone with my daughter.

I have to begin by saying WE had a blast. I know this only because I overheard her tell her siblings back home and watched her type it into an Instant Message to a classmate. I allowed her to select most of the attractions we visited including the Barcelona Zoo and the top of the
Eiffel Tower. The latter offered us a 2 hour wait on the ground for a 15 minute view from the top but it was well worth the wait. It was amazing how many likes and dislikes we shared, things I’d lost in the chaos of homework and baseball schedules. We agreed that we love French baguettes and chocolate but find few other French foods at the top of our list. No offense to the French, we just don’t do duck or snails very well. We both loved touring old cathedrals and seeking out small plazas with outdoor cafes.

In Spain, we ate calamari, considered fish bait by many, at every single meal!!! We shopped for shoes, bought cool looking t-shirts and ate bread until we wanted no more. We stayed up late and controlled the remote control without boys sneaking ESPN on the screen. We took long baths, enjoyed siestas and laughed at street performers. We practiced our Spanish like we were fluent and at the end of the day, crawled into a big king size bed together.

However there were reminders that my little girl is growing up. I was not longer allowed in the bathroom when she was undressed and I wasn’t allowed to read her emails. She told me when I was reading the map incorrectly and she even wanted to stop at Starbucks for a double chocolate Frappacino, whatever that is.

And of course our conversations were different. If you ever want your child to get a glimpse of the world, sit on Las Ramblas for a day. A nice middle aged naked man parading down the sidewalk allowed me the opportunity to explain that not all naked men have big bellies and hair all over their backs, buttocks and well…you get it. And when was the last time you got a real live demonstration on circumcised vs non circumcised. Thankfully the sculptures in the Louvre were a better example than that old man. Finallly, I got to answer the question many grown women are still seeking to learn, “Mom, what is an orgasm?” Wow! There’s a good one for a mom! And I bet you are waiting to hear my answer. Yes, I did give one but that’s one of those mother-daughter things you have to discover yourself. I’m just happy I had the Segrada Familia in the background when I answered it.


One Response

  1. What a lovely essay. I really enjoyed this. My daughter is a newborn, =
    but I really hope to take a similar trip in the future.
    And thanks to you, I have about a ten year head start on how to explain =
    an orgasm.

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