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Bringing Sexy to Our Kids

Last week one night, my four children, husband and I sat around a dinner table engaged in a guessing game. It wasn’t the typical, “guess who Owen likes this week? “ or “guess who

has a crush on?” it was a guessing game to name the 2007 host of the Nick Awards. I was simply amazed but not surprised at the spectacular job Nickelodeon had done to capture the attention of my children. Yeah, I was used to seeing this excitement over a new episode of Spongebob Squarepants, however what we were talking about was who would host the Nick created award show. We weren’t talking about the winners or the clothes on the red carpet or a featured band, we were planning the Friday night show that would reveal the host. Not even the Grammy’s garnishes as much as excitement as the discussion that escalated at our dinner table. Names were flying. Martin. Vince Vaugh. Jessica Sarah Parker. Whoopi Goldberg. There were others. There were even names on the “I hope it’s not… list.” Brittany

Spears. Raven. And some that this marketing mom said would never fly because of their public reputation like Paris Hilton. Afterall, Nick needs moms to approve of them right? Wrong. Much to my disbelief just days later, my children announced to me that Nick had invited Justin Timberlake to host the awards. The same Justin that is bringing sexy back. The same Justin that exposed Janet Jackson’s breast to the world. Great! Just what I need as a mom, to bring back sexy to my three preteens, or tweens as they are know popularly known. They never had sex and now they get to hear it and probably see it performed during the two hours that I thought were safe for my children to watch. So thank you, Nickelodeon, I know what I’m doing on April 1st. I will be sitting in front of the television set watching the Nick Awards to make sure it’s the safe place I thought it was for my children before you decided to bring sexy back. Personally, I was happy when sex was absent from Nick.


One Response

  1. I can rename this story as good mother and good children.. just kidding, =
    yes it was nice to have a cartoon like nickelodon.

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