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Best Business Lessons Come from Our Children=20

Sometimes our best business lessons actually come from the lessons we try to teach our children. I was reminded of this today as I contemplated my reaction to a business relationship that should have ended years ago. For five years I’ve been doing business with a gentleman whose company have provided me a service for the fee I pay him monthly. But for the past year, he has not been providing me the service that once came with the agreed upon fee I still pay him monthly. To avoid confrontation, I’ve simply put up with the frustrations that come with not receiving the services I pay for. I’ve been indecisive about dealing with the situation until today when I realized that I need to apply one of the lessons I try to teach my children: Respect your money when you choose where to spend it. Or to put it in the words I use with my kids: “You don’t have to spend your money in a store or with a person who doesn’t respect your business.” I said it to them this weekend while we were in The Dollar Store. My seven year old had to use the bathroom so her brother took her to the cashier and politely asked if she could unlock the customer restroom. It was clear by the squirming seven year old that it was an emergency yet the cashier in a very tough voice said, “no she didn’t have time.” Standing just feet away in line with my arms full with merchandise I was shocked by her response. The kids turned back to me and returned to my side at which time I looked at them and said what I do whenever we receive bad service, “we don’t have to spend our money here if they don’t appreciate our business”. We simply put down the merchandise and left the store for a retailer who would open their restrooms for paying customers. And as we left one of my children said to me, “you know mom, you are right, you work hard for your money and you should feel good about spending your money somewhere.” My actions had definitely helped him to learn an important lesson-we should respect our money and those who earn our money should respect us. Moms spend almost two trillion dollars a year in the US. We control an incredible amount of money and businesses should respect the money we spend in their stores. Customer service shouldn’t be an extra it should be the norm. Today’s mothers work hard for their money whether its outside the home, inside the home or by supporting the breadwinner and the companies who earn our business should work hard to deliver good customer service and good products to us.

So today when I was at wits end with a service provider who wasn’t delivering the products I was paying for, I remembered the lesson I teach my children. My reply to my sales person was simple, “if he is not going to respect the money I spend with him, I will spend it somewhere else.” And I am.


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  1. I agree with Maria! Thank you for sharing.

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