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Berry Fun Find!

What’s a mom to do when she’s sick on a weekend? Hope that her kids find something that keeps her atttention! It’s been a very long two days. With tissues piled high and grapefruit juice flowing like water, I’ve found myself back and forth on the couch all weekend. I knew when that TSA guy at the airport wiped his nose and touched my bags, I’d be infested with some kind of germs. Sure enough, three days later, runny nose, fever and no energy! It’s easier to be sick than it used to be when I had three children under two but the hard part now is that every one needs a ride somewhere on the weekends. Even more difficult is that it is always my active 7 year old who wants and needs my attention. It’s almost as if a buzzer goes off every time my butt hits the couch. Fortunately I happen to have a new DVD that some dads sent me to review. Called The Berries, it stars three happy, dancing and singing young women. I put it in the dvd player to entertain Morgan and to my great surprise she watched not only once but three times all in a row. I got over an hour of rest thanks to The Berries, www.theberries.com.

Interestingly enough The Berries was created by three dads who wanted to provide their children and others great entertainments. Well my thanks goes out to the dads! Now if you could create a cold remedy that gets me well, I’d really appreciate it.


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