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Cool Moms Who Happen to be Celebrities

As I’ve said to anyone who will listen, I am truly blessed with friends, family, health and professional success. So much so that I long ago made the promise to myself to relish in each moment in order to fully experience the emotions of exuberance. However, I never expected to have a week of so many exuberating moments.

The week started with unexpected interviews with Oprah Fitness Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, a Canadian trade publication, two graduate students whose professors referred to my work in class and of course, the weekly call from The Wife Swap checking in to make sure I still don’t want to be on the show. Regardless of the opportunity, I am always appreciative of their interest in me and what I’m doing. It’s fulfilling to know you are making an impact professionally.

I think the only thing better than someone finding interest in your work is to get to witness first hand the work of other women doing great things. This is the absolute BEST thing about my career-meeting women who are following their passion, running businesses and making products so that moms can do the job of mothering better! Some are low key moms quietly making a difference in their communities while some have more well known names. This week, I happen to have the privilege and in one case the surprise to interact with a few famous moms giving back to all of us. On Monday I was talking with Julie Aigner Clark, an old friend and creator of Baby Einstein Videos. Here’s a mom that could retire on what she made from the sale of her company to Disney yet she feels so passionate about Internet safety that she developed a new DVD for parents and children that was released this week. Check out www.thesafeside.com because Julie’s done it again by providing moms with a great tool on child safety. Thursday night at a party while talking to Liz Lange, I thought about how passionate she is in helping women feel pretty while they are going through the physical changes of pregnancy. And as I watched her slide out of the line of cameras as I’ve seen her do so many times in the past, she reconfirmed my belief that her focus on helping moms is driven from the heart and not for the fame or fortune. Check out www.lizlange.com

And finally, Felicity Huffman who totally surprised me with a call to my cell phone to talk about her labor of love for moms, the Head’s Up pillow, www.fromfelicity.com . Can you imagine walking down
5th Avenue, answering your cell phone to hear a voice you normally eat Oreo cookies and milk to after the kids are in bed say, “Hello Maria, it’s Felicity Huffman.” No wonder I didn’t believe her. I can’t believe I actually said, “No, it isn’t” to which she replied, “yes, Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives.” Yes, I happen to know the show. If I hadn’t been so shocked I would have said, “Housewives? I thought you were in TransAmerica?” Felicity is one of the four women who help me relax on the couch on Sunday night! She couldn’t be in my cell phone too! However she was and it wasn’t to ask me if she should smack Nora a few times, (Do it Felicity!) it was to ask if she could share her passion for giving feeding moms comfort with the listeners of Mom Talk Radio. There in lies my amazement! A week of interacting with women who clearly do not need a second career, all out to be a mom who shares their passions with other moms and takes the time to do it! Just goes to show that no matter who we are, if we are a mom, we just can’t help multi-tasking.

But my week of wonderful women didn’t end there. No, Sunday night brought me the opportunity to have dinner with Maxine Clark, the CEO and Founder of Build A Bear Workshop. And even better than dinner was the time we spent after dinner in t shirts and sweats watching the Cardinal’s game talking about Build A Bear Workshop and her views on business, life, people, dogs and black purses. If you ever wondered why you and your kids love Build A Bear Workshop so much, it’s right there in the word “LOVE”. Maxine truly loves making kids 1 to 100 happy. You see it in her smile and you hear it in her voice. Let me confess here that I would no more give up the last five minutes of Desperate Housewives (sorry Felicity) to watch a baseball game than I would give up Diet Coke or running with my iPod for a day. However hanging out with Maxine was so much fun, I actually watched four innings. My husband is still in disbelief of that miracle however it’s true!

We should all be inspired and motivated by these moms who just happen to be celebrities too!

So of course, you’ll find these women on Mom Talk Radio in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for my interviews with Julie, Liz, Maxine and Felicity. It should be a lot of fun. And in the meantime, check out their website and share their passions with other moms.


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