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A Great Mom Moment

Sometimes when things get busy and we are moving at the speed of light, I wonder if the lessons I’m trying to teach my children along the way are getting through all the chaos. Fortunately every now and then my children give me the chance to see that they are hearing my words or watching my actions. I experienced not one but two of these great mom moments this week and they all surround the lessons I’ve tried to teach them through UNICEF and their Trick or Treat for UNICEF program. You see for years, I’ve given them one of those famous orange boxes and a short lesson on what a dollar will buy in Africa or India for a poor child. All the while wondering if they were really getting it.

Good news- they got it.

You may remember from this blog that my daughter had a big birthday party last week. She received lots of cash and gift cards for which I required thank you notes be written immediately. My youngest daughter arrrived home with her orange UNICEF box just days after the big birthday. After dinner one night, Morgan came down with her box and a ten dollar bill in it announcing to us that Madison, the birthday girl, had donated $10 to her box. Later I took Madison aside and explained that she didn’t have to donate that much to Morgan’s box to which she replied, “Mom, I wanted to give it to UNICEF. I would only buy clothes with it and the kids in Africa need the clothes more than I do.” Wow! Something had gotten through in my years of lectures .

Then just today on the way to school, my son Keenan showed me that he too had heard the message. He asked me for $2.50. I of course asked what he wanted it for to which he replied, “our class has a UNICEF box and if I give $2.50 I can send a child to school for an entire year.” A MOM MOMENT! One of those times you get to say to yourself, “I’m doing something right.” Of course being Keenan he added to the conversation, “I just hope the kid I send to school doesn’t realize in six months that it’s not that much fun.” Okay, well, almost a good job!

There are lots of ways to teach your children to give back to their community, to love others and to care about our Earth. I happen to love Trick or Treat for UNICEF because it’s easy, it’s fun and kids can understand how their actions are impacting others. I invite you to visit www.unicefusa.org to get your family an orange box this Halloween season.


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