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Mother of a Teenager

I can’t believe that this week I become the mother of a teenager! Where did the time go? Yesterday preparing for my daughter’s birthday I decided to make large posters using the HP Photosmart Studio at the local Wal-Mart with pictures from the last thirteen years. Of course the 13 pictures turned into 50 as I pulled one sweet shot after another from the drawer. I remember that and I remember this kept rolling off my lips. Having three babies under two while she was the oldest I think made her toddler years go by faster. I remember when she was six months old and I had my second baby, Owen, I thought she was so old! I treated her like she was eight. I even have a pictures with her feeding Owen with a bottle while I fed my third baby in less than two years by her side. She’s grown into such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud. I actually think this benchmark is more difficult for me than her because I don’t want to let her go.


4 Responses

  1. Just wanted to commiserate with you on your 13 year old. I look at my =
    son who turned 13 in Feb. Where did the time go, and where did those =
    sweet baby cheeks go? They’ve been replaced by a fresh mouth and the =
    slight shadow above the lip! Yikes! But, I couldn’t be prouder of him. =
    I’m also new to the blogging world. I write one for working women and =
    one on travel. I’ve listed my URL above. If you get a chance take a =
    look. I’d love some feedback from someone besides one of my sisters! =
    Best of luck and I’ll be checking your blog regularly. – Laurie

  2. I survived the birthday party will all 52 preteens in tow. One would =
    normally be happy if the house was left standing after having 52 kids =
    for two hours, however it was the broken nose that one child left with =
    that caused me the worse heart ache.

  3. I’d love to hear someone’s suggestion for getting a 13 yr girl keep her =
    room clean. I realize that I’m a neat freak but I’m willing to bend. =
    The clothes don’t have to be neatly folded in the drawers but the =
    drawers do have to be closed. =20

  4. My baby turned 2 last week, and I can’t even imagining her turning 13. =
    I’m sitting here thinking back to when I was 13, my mother took the 2 of =
    us out for a girls only weekend, and it was the best. Oh, and I have a =
    suggestion my mom used when I was 13 and my room looked like “cyclone =
    Annie” hit it. Make the policy, if it’s open I have permission to go =
    through it. Trust me, after the first time I caught my mom going =
    through my open sock drawer and found Halloween candy from the previous =
    Halloween, I never left a drawer, closet, or tote box open again! =20

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